Who am i?
I’m a creative and empathetic problem solver with a human-centric mindset. I believe in questioning things to understand the real problem, focusing on the people and on the ”why”. Always staying curious. I believe that collaboration between different people and different perspectives is the key to the most innovative ideas. Designing solutions that provide true value to people is my biggest motivation. 

I recently graduated from the Digital Design & Strategy program at Berghs School of Communication and I’m currenty studying UX Design at Hyper Island. During my time at Hyper Island and Berghs I have gained a learning mindset in order to stay open-minded and to let go of what I think is true, to relearn something new. 

Prior to my design journey I worked in the music industry within events, project management and marketing. When I’m not studying user behaviours or building prototypes, you can find me spinning vinyl records or playing padel. 

Want to know more? Read my resume 
Get in touch? Connect on Linkedin or at max.lindevall@hyperisland.se
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